If you were named executor of an estate, there are a variety of duties you will need to fulfill. In order to carry out the last wishes of your loved one, you will need an experienced estate administration lawyer to help tie up loose ends.

Anita D’Amico has had years of practice as an estate administration lawyer in Chester County, and she can offer her assistance with the following matters:

  • Assets: The executor of the estate must get the assets ready and in safe keeping until they can be distributed properly.
  • Debts: Setting up a bank account for the estate can help you stay organized while you pay off any outstanding debts to the creditors.
  • Distributing the Estate: Typically, a person will indicate how their property will be distributed amongst the people closest to them. The executor of the estate must ensure that the people indicated get what is rightfully theirs.
  • Estate Sale: After the assets and property have been distributed, you must decide if you keep or sell the remaining parts of the estate.
  • Probate: Often with larger estates, the will must be validated in court before anything can be distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • Other Affairs: This includes canceling credit cards, paying taxes, and closing bank accounts.

With an estate administration lawyer, you can make sure your loved one’s last requests are handled properly. From the time the person created their estate plan to the time of their passing, a lot may have changed. New laws and different policies can impact a pre-existing will in unpredictable ways. As executor, it is your duty to fulfill their last wishes to the best of your ability. Anita D’Amico and her team at D’Amico Law, PC can help you do just that.

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