Anita D’Amico and Jessica Socienski are both certified in family law mediation, and both attorneys assist families through the difficult decision to separate when parties desire to amicably resolve their custody, support, and divorce issues without the time and costs associated with litigation. Mediation is a process in which both parties are active participants in the outcome of their family law matters, and provides a significant cost savings from traditional divorce proceedings.

Deciding to part ways is hard enough, especially when children are involved. Instead of dragging them through the courts and brutal litigation process, choosing family law mediation can help make the transition period a little easier. To learn more about mediation, please contact our team, our child custody attorneys, to determine if this alternate route might best suit your family.

Some of the benefits of having a child custody attorney who can facilitate this process include:

Focus. Unlike litigation, where it is parent vs. parent in constant conflict, family law mediation focuses on what will be best for the child; it is not a win or lose situation. This will help keep your children out of the ruthless trial if the case were to go to court.

Confidentiality. If you take a child custody case to court, terrible things are often said about both parties in an effort to win the battle. This can be extremely hard on the child who is stuck in the middle. With mediation, only the final outcome is shared with the court.

Control. Your mediator is a third-party source who is solely there to help your family reach a settlement that both parties involved can agree on. They are not judging you like the court would. There, a judge determines the outcome based on the snippet of facts and the sliver of your life they see. Here, a mediator’s goals are aligned with yours in that they just want what is best for you and your child.

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